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Remodeling your bathroom is very exciting! You get to enjoy the added value and beauty of bathroom renovation combined with the modern functionality that you've been craving. We're here to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible! Let us work with your ideas, suggest a few ourselves, and provide all the tiling, plumbing and electrical services you require.

We meet your design expectations
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Creative and customized bathrooms are our specialty. Whether it's a powder room or an impressive master bathroom we cover all aspects of construction from plumbing and lighting to tile and cabinetry. You'd like to upgrade or completely redo your bathroom but you don't have the time or experience necessary. You need an experienced, professional renovation team that is dependable, ethical, will work within your budget and complete the job when promised. You can rely on Allwest Refinishing.

Examples of Refinished Sinks, Showers and Hot Tubs

Hotel bathroom BEFORE renovating

Hotel bathroom BEFORE renovating

Hotel bathroom AFTER renovating

Hotel bathroom AFTER renovating

Bath tub and tiles BEFORE refinishing

bathroom before

Bath tub and tiles AFTER refinishing

refinished bathroom after

Double cultured marble sink counter and bath tub BEFORE refinishing

sinks before

Double cultured marble sink counter and bath tub AFTER refinishing

refinished sinks after

Cultured marble jetted tub BEFORE refinishing

bathtub before

Cultured marble jetted tub AFTER refinishing

refinished bathtub after

Cultured marble shower BEFORE refinishing

shower before

Cultured marble shower AFTER refinishing

refinished shower after

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Feedback from Our Customers

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⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ "Very professional and does fantastic work." "I had always been convinced that whoever did the 'renovations' on the house I bought had used house paint to make the bathtub look 'good'. Everyone always assured me that there was NO way anyone would do that. It had a matte finish, wasn't truly white, never looked clean no matter how many times I cleaned it. The 'finish' started coming off while we were using it for just bathing - my son was always covered in flecks of paint after having a bath. I'm a prolific bather - I spend a couple hours in the tub every morning so my bathtub was a constant disappointment to me. I called Allwest and left a message to get a quote and they called me back as soon as they opened the next day. The lady I spoke to was super knowledgeable and very friendly and was able to answer all my questions and provide me with a quote. I had quotes from 3 other companies and as the pricing was all very similar, it all came down to experience and reviews. Allwest had the most experience and the best reviews so I selected them to refinish my bathtub. They got me an appointment for exactly when I wanted, showed up on time and very efficiently began the job. Guess what? The bathtub HAD been 'finished' with paint - at first the service tech thought it was house paint but it turned out it was spray paint (or 'graffiti paint' as the tech said.) He had to work VERY hard to get all that paint off the tub. That seemed to be the hard part - the refinishing part seemed to be the part that was the easiest. My bathtub looks AMAZING (the only way I'd like it better is if it grew and was a big soaker tub, which won't be happening anytime soon!) The bathtub looks brand new - it's shiny, smooth, looks exactly HOW a bathtub SHOULD look. It looks like I might even be able to CLEAN it without all manner of paint flaking off! I showed my before and after pictures to everyone who had seen my bathtub before and they were all so impressed with how fantastic and NEW the bathtub looked. Allwest offers a warranty and tells me that, with proper care, the finish should last 15-20 years (maybe enough time to save for that BIG soaker tub and a bathroom renovation!) The owner told me if there are any problems to call and they fix it right up but I not anticipating any issues - it simply looks like a brand new tub. Thank you so much to all the staff I dealt with at Allwest - everyone was so nice, knowledgeable and professional, their quote was completely accurate with no surprises and the work was exceptional. I would HIGHLY recommend Allwest to anyone looking to refinish a bathtub."
Calgary, March 2021